• Men who are hiding something, especially in their intimate relationships

  • Men who live a double life of any kind

  • Men who have been unfaithful to their spouse and want to be free from shame

  • Men who feel shame or guilt from past sexual behavior 

  • Those who feel as though they are not living their highest self


I’ve been there. I get you, and I have accessed a way out of hell and know how to show you this access within yourself. This access point is real, it’s always been available and at the same time nearly impossible to find without help. You have never been without the doorway, but you have never been able to find it or experience it.

It can be a horrifying prospect to be honest with those close to you about your double life I can help you navigate this path with power and with as little hurt to yourself and to others as possible.

There is currently little to no support for men suffering in this way. There is a massive deficit in support for this world of pain. I am creating a possibility for you that has never existed as accessible. I want to create access (for you) to a life you love. This is MY calling, that you give all that you can of yourself in this life. Giving all, includes giving all your love, you will never experience yourself as a true contributor in life as long as you don’t love and accept yourself totally. I exist as the space wherein this takes place; I exist as the space wherein the rest of your life begins.

I have completed over three years of intensive ontological work and have had success I have worked with hundreds of men in this context in these conversations. Everyone is different and requires a tailored fit approach. 


  • That you are willing to surrender everything you are not, and discover everything that you are (with the understanding that you have no idea what this actually means)

  • That you are moldable and soft especially as we dig into the hardest parts

  • That you “GIVE IT ALL” to the process and to the moment

  • That you listen as you have never listened before


You will love yourself. You will accept yourself. Your own occurrence of yourself will be magnificent and powerful. You will experience a massive sense of relief from guilt and shame. From this simple & powerful impact from this experience of yourself your entire world changes. Others experience of you will be completely altered. Your capacity to love and be loved will increase in a greater scale that you can currently imagine. I will exist as the space wherein this takes place; I exist as the space wherein the rest of your life begins.

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