I would like to take a minute to share with you the profound influence for good that Simeon has been in my life. The Program has helped me achieve a level of peace and happiness in my life that I previously believed impossible to obtain. I live with a powerful addiction… since I was 11 years old. This addiction had completely warped how I viewed myself, the world and had dominated my life. I believed and I mean truly believed that I was broken, that there was something inherently wrong with me. I believed that I could never have truly deep and meaningful connections with others because I had to remain isolated. What if they got to close and found out that I am not a nice guy, that I’m actually a disgusting horrible person. Simeon helped change all of that for me. On our first meeting he challenged everything that I believed about myself and how things work or rather what things mean. It was a hard meeting and I was very resistant at first. After more meetings I began to realize that there is nothing wrong with me or who I am, I am good. That’s something I had never honestly considered or dared to believe before. Simeon continued to guide me and help me self discover the errors in my perceptions. He always challenged me, but he was never confrontational or judgmental. He was always accepting and I could tell that he genuinely cared. He would present new ideas to me and he would build off of things that I already knew, but he never forced things on me or just gave me the answers. He provided the tools and the guidance but the self discovery was up to me. I am now a recovering addict and I can honestly say that my addiction does not dominate or control my life. I am happy and have a new perspective on my life. I am grateful to Simoen for the help he has given me and for being there for me.
I hope that you will find my story to be helpful in your own life.”

Jace Hunt


“It’s very simple. Simeon is one of the sincerest individuals I know. Sincerity builds a foundation of trust. When you trust someone, it is easier to believe they have your best interests at heart. Through this simple process, you come to believe him when he says he “stands for you” and asks you to do something difficult or consider possibilities you never considered before. And it’s like magic as you create new possibilities for yourself.”

Michael Baratta


“SIMEON is someone who saw in me what I could no longer see in myself.  In fact,  he saw possibilities in me and for my life that I may never have seen in myself. Then as I spent time with him, he began in a very natural way to create with me who he saw I could be and how amazing my life could be.  Through that interaction I started believing and seeing the same things and believing that my life could truly be amazing.”

Brian Brooks


“It doesn’t matter if you have lost your car keys or the most important thing in your life, SIMEON will always know the right words to say to leave you with a way of being that produces positive results in your life instantly. He always answers the phone when I call him feeling down or stuck in a crappy situation. He doesn’t give me textbook answers like a therapist would. Instead, he encourages me to come up with the solution or a new way of thinking on my own. I have never left a conversation with him upset; I am always left confident, complete, and with so much happiness. SIMEON has given me, and continues to give me, tools that help me view myself and the world around me more positively.”

Samantha Smith


“Meeting SIMEON the first time was a trip and a half.  All I could think was  “Who is this Robert California sounding guy talking this nonsense”.  I was intrigued at the same time. I got to know him more and we talked of the roles and ideas we create for ourselves and others, and how to push past them for my own growth and experience.  I want to go more into that, but the beauty of life is discovery, so I will let you discover that on your own with him.  Everyone journey is specific to them.  He is an amazing guy to sit and talk to, and also to sit and not talk to.  He has helped me discover myself, and also destroy myself to become myself which was nothing to begin with.  The peaceful nothing.   I think of a part in the Matrix, where Morpheus is explaining to Neo all that he can do.  Neo has his doubts about himself and the journey that ensues is what my experience has been with SIMEON.  Discovering my ability to stop bullets of life and play this game we live in, but do not have to let control us.”

Mario Dion Gorla 

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